The New Weather Machine - Seas of Dawn (to be released 15 September 2017)
(writer, engineer, mixer, performer)

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All songs written and performed by Jon Martin.

Drums on 3 - Clayton Smith
Drums on 4,5,7 - Kenny Aronoff
Additional vocals on 7 - Jason Oakes, Jesse Northey

Recorded, mixed, and produced by Jon Martin in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

Mastered by João Carvalho at João Carvalho Mastering in Toronto, Canada.

Album cover photo by Andrew Martin.
Design by Jon Martin.

© Jon Martin 2017



Danny "Skinny" Dyck - Twenty One-Nighters (2017)
(co-producer, engineer, mixer)

A year-long compilation album project featuring 20 different country and alternative artists from across Canada, including Halifax, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, and the southern Alberta area.

Recorded at Green Recording Company in Lethbridge, AB 2016-2017. Release late summer 2017.

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Jon Martin - Open Doors and Parallel Windows (2017)

Audio exhibit at the Southern Alberta Art Gallery (May-June 2017)
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Jill Stanton - Doubt (2016)
(composer, producer)

Audio commission - Shades of Doubt


Crowded Spaces (2013)
(composer, producer)

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Music for Stationary Trilobites (2012)
(composer, producer)

Commisioned a permanent audio exhibit for the Burgess Shale exhibit at the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller, Alberta (12-channel), and later released as a stereo album.

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Exploratory and developmental production and audio work using Unreal Engine (ongoing, 2016-Present).

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